NoWire 2100-1 [32 wireless meters, 4 Wired meters]

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NoWire: Wireless Gateway

May be up to one week lead time.

NoWire provides display of up to 32 meters wirelessly and 4 meters connected directly. 

NoWireMisc.jpgGeneral Features:

  • Local meter display for 32 wireless and 4 wired meter pulse inputs. Transmitters and meters sold separately.
  • Uses Inovonics™ Echostream wireless technology.  Inovonics™ is the leader in the wireless submetering industry and is installed in over 2 million units across the US.
  • No software required.  We configure it for you! 100% configurable via the onboard pushbuttons and passcode protected menus.
  • Use the EN1501 pulse or EN1550 encoded transmitter (one required for each meter) as well as other Inovonics™ transmitters for 4-20mA, 0-10V, temerature, humidity, etc. Transmitters sold separately.
  • Built in Inovonics™ receiver.
  • Built in Ethernet and Wifi for connecting to the Internet. Optional cellular modem available. See MeterData™ to display, graph, and download meter readings and consumptions reports for free via the web.
  • Add EN5040 repeaters for extending range. Typical 3 or 4 story buildings of up to 15 or 20 units does not require a repeater.
  • Backlit 2x16 LCD display for great visibility.
  • NEMA4X outdoor rating.  Small size: 6.7"x4.8"x2.2".
  • Wall transformer power supply and Ethernet patch cable included.

Connectivity Options:

  • Built in Ethernet and Wifi.
  • Built in Modbus RTU RS485/RS232 Slave protocol to Modbus RTU Master data management equipment.
  • Optional NW2100-Cell, Cellular modem.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review