NoWire 2100 Meter Package With Water Meters [Up to 32 wireless meters, 4 Wired meters]

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$550.00 - $4,861.00
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Product Overview

NoWire: Wireless and Wired Gateway with 3/4" Indoor Rated MTW MJ20 Cold Water Meters, Couplings and EN1501 Transmitters (Wireless Only). This is a complete package with everything included! 

May be up to one week lead time. If you are looking for different water meters or gas and electric please click our other NoWire package found here

Optional Billing Service Information can be found here

Or the customer can do billing themselves with the free data they get on the website. See more information about the demo

Please choose number of meter points you have. If you have 4 or less you can either have wireless meters or hard wire (Wired) the meters to the NoWire reading system using any low voltage wire like Cat5 or Cat6. 

If you choose "Wireless" Wire Style then you must choose "Wireless" for the number of meter points. 

If you have WiFi/Ethernet then you can use that for the system to upload data automatically. If you do not have WiFi/Ethernet you will need to select the "Cell Modem" option. This will require a charge of $30/month paid on an anual basis which is included in the price for 2021. 

NoWire Wireless provides display of up to 32 meters wirelessly and 4 meters connected directly. 

NoWire Wired provides display of up to 4 meters connected directly. 

We also provide outdoor rated meters and different size meters. You can order those through our webstore or contact us for more information.

General Features:

  • Local meter display for 32 wireless and 4 wired meter pulse inputs. 
  • Uses Inovonics™ Echostream wireless technology.  Inovonics™ is the leader in the wireless submetering industry and is installed in over 2 million units across the US.
  • No software required.  We configure it for you! 100% configurable via the onboard pushbuttons and passcode protected menus.
  • Built in Inovonics™ receiver.
  • Built in Ethernet and Wifi for connecting to the Internet. Optional cellular modem available. See MeterData™ to display, graph, and download meter readings and consumptions reports for free via the web.
  • Add EN5040 repeaters for extending range. Typical 3 or 4 story buildings of up to 15 or 20 units does not require a repeater.
  • Backlit 2x16 LCD display for great visibility.
  • NEMA4X outdoor rating.  Small size: 6.7"x4.8"x2.2".
  • Wall transformer power supply and Ethernet patch cable included.

Connectivity Options:

  • Built in Ethernet and Wifi.
  • Built in Modbus RTU RS485/RS232 Slave protocol to Modbus RTU Master data management equipment.

Click here for Datasheet of NoWire
Click here for Installation Manual
Click here for Modbus Register Map
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