NoWire 2100-C, Netgear 4G LTE cellular modem

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Short Description:

NoWire 2100 cellular modem with pre-installed T-Mobile 4G LTE SIM card

Product Overview

NoWire cellular modem

In stock ready for immediate shipment.

Provides cellular connection to the cloud for viewing your NoWire data online via MeterData™ 

General Features:

  • T-mobile SIM card pre-installed.
  • Supports both NW2100-1 and NW2100-2.
  • Connect a Network patch cable from your NoWire unit ethernet port to this cell modem for connectivity to the internet.
  • This is a 3rd party cell modem that we've tested and configured with a data enabled SIM card. It is ready to go.
  • Data charges are $30/month billed annually for the upcoming year.  Added to this purchase will be a $30/month charge times the number of months remaining in the current year. At the end of the current year you will be invoiced for $360 for data charges for the next year.
  • We suggest you test your T-mobile signal at the location you plan on installing this modem prior to purchasing this product if possible. Sometimes even though the T-mobile signal coverage map shows 4G coverage their signal will not make it through the walls of where you have this modem installed.


Note: This modem has been tested to re-connect after a power outage and very seldom needs to be reset manually. Caution should be exercized when purchasing other third party cellular modems. Our experience is many need to occasionally be reset manually or don't automatically reconnect after a power outage.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review