Gas Meters

Gas Meters

A common practice when it comes to multi-tenant properties; whether it be different apartments or a commercial property with several businesses in operation; is to split the monthly gas bill evenly between each tenant. Unfortunately, this practice is often unfair and extremely inaccurate considering the amount of gas usage may be very different from tenant to tenant. To find a solution to this problem, gas submetering entered into the picture. It is now the solution of choice for owners and property managers across the country.

In short, gas submetering makes it possible to accurately bill each individual tenant for their own gas usage, as opposed to splitting the cost equally. The good news is that it is relevantly easy to start a gas submetering project. All you need is a system that includes the appropriate gas meters for your application, as well as a wired or wireless Automated Meter Reading system that fits in with the unique needs of your property and those who occupy it. You can learn more about how it all works here

For non-pressure correcting gas meters the gas meter reading is affected by gas pressure greater than 14" WC and altitude.  Click here to calculate the pressure correction factor for your gas meter.

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