1" M&E MJ25 Multi-Jet Bronze Meter

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1" Meter Includes Contact Head Register and Pulse Output. Includes 1" NPT Bronze Meter Couplings. Includes Built in Digital Pulse - 1 Gal Pulse or .1 CF pulse. (10 Gal Pulse avaliable upon request)

All M&E meters are available in either gallon or cubic feet registration

Benefits & Features:

• The MJ water meter consists of three major assemblies: a register, a lead free bronze main case, and a multi-jet measuring chamber.
• The MJ meter is available with a variety of register types. For reading convenience, the register is mounted hinged on the outlet side of the meter and the lead-free bronze main case is corrosion resistant and is rated for typical municipal applications.
• The multi-jet measuring chamber design of the measuring element ensures quiet operation with low wear characteristics.
• All M&E meters meet or exceed AWWA C708 standards.
• M&E provides a limited warranty with respect to its MJ water meters for performance, materials, and workmanship.


The MJ 19/20/25 main casing is made of lead free bronze that complies with NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and 372. All MJ 19/20/25 meters not only meet or exceed NSF 61 but are also labeled accordingly. The serial number is engraved on the casing.
The combined gear and register unit is fully sealed with straight odometer for visual reading of billable units as well as a group of high-precision pointers for accurate testing by governing agencies. Both the register and pulse unit are pit rated to IP68 (NEMA 6).
Measuring chamber is a multi-jet design made of engineered plastics that meet NSF standards.
Along with NSF approval, the MJ 19/20/25 is also approved by NTEP (California) for horizontal installation in cold water applications.

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M&E are designed with the future in mind as well. Choose from the many optional devices and you can create a modular reading system that has no equal. Remote Read? Wireless? These meters are ready to work for you.

These meters are compatible with a Reading System (sold seperately)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review