800:0.1 AMPS, 3.0"x3.5" Split Core CT

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Split Core Current Transformer for Leviton Meters
[Primary current : Secondary current]
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Sold as each – list price is for one CT

You may run multiple circuits of the same phase thru a single CTs. You may run up to 3 CTs in parallel of the same phase.  
For conditions and restrictions see the Measuring Multiple Circuits document.

  • SplitCorePic.jpgSplit Core CTs have an accuracy of 0.7% maximum error. Meter accuracy is within 2% standards.
  • 800 AMP Split Core CT inside dimension is 3.0"x3.5".
  • Split Core CTs open up so you may clamp them around your wire(s) rather than having to feed them thru the CT as for solid core CTs.
  • Small compact to fit into tight places such as distribution panels.
  • 2 wire, single element meters (1 hot wire) use 1 CTs.A0
  • 3 wire, dual element meters (2 hot wires) use 2 CTs.
  • 4 wire, three phase meters (3 hot wires) use 3 CTs.
  • 10 year warranty. Unlimit'ed telephone/e-mail technical support.

Leviton (Formally Integrated Metering Systems - IMS) has been manufacturing 1-phase, 2-phase, and 3-phase electric sub-meters since 1989 for apartment buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, universities, office buildings, industrial applications, marinas, campgrounds, alternative energy and other electric metering applications.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review