ModHopper, Extended Range, 900 MHz

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ModHopper data acquisition system
Local and Remote meter monitoring and data logging 
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Similar to R9120-5. Created for applications requiring long distance communication. Integrated 256 Bit AES encryption. Complies with military regulations or increased security requirements.

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The Extended Range ModHopper encompasses all the features and benefits of the existing Modhopper product line with the added bonus of an extended range and 256 bit AES encryption.
Ideal for campus and base facilities the device allows for securely encrypted wireless transmissions up to 3000' all while maintaining a self optimizing wireless interface between multiple Extended Range Modhoppers and networks.
Modhopper is the perfect solution for connecting new or existing Modbus and pulse devices (meters, sensors, etc.) without the need for costly wiring runs, core drilling or conduit.
Simply connect the Modbus devices to the serial port on the Modhopper and the transceivers will automatically detect the optimum routing to insure reliable and timely data communications.
This self-managed mesh network means that the system will function with h igh reliability where other wireless systems fail due to short- or long-term interference with radio signals.

Features unique to ModHopper:
  • Modhopper is a breakthrough mesh technology design that makes wireless connectivity simple and cost effective.
  • Connect up to 128 RS 485 Modbus devices to any Modbus network.
  • Use "Plug and play" connectivity for supported devices to the Obvius AcquiSuite data acquisition server.
  • Unique "mesh" technology means optimized routing of communications with [ NO PC OR SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION ]
  • 256 bit AES encryption.
  • Max range of up to 3000'.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review