3/4" Istec 4440 Energy Meter w. 3/4" connection set

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4440 Compact Energy Meter / Heating Model, kWH output.

ISTEC's 4440 Series Energy Meters are ideal for all Sub-Metering and Performance Verification applications. From a small two-unit apartment to a 400-unit Co-op. Heating Model 4440 or Heating / Cooling Model 4450.


  • Fully Electronic Compact Energy Meter.
  • Records Energy and Volume Data.
  • Highly-accurate Recording of Heating Energy.
  • Horizontally or Vertically Mounted.
  • Lithium Battery Guarantees a Longer Life than Calibration. Interval.
  • Single-line, 7-digit LCD Display for Easy Meter Reading.
  • Pulse Output for Energy or Flow.
  • Includes 3/4" Union Connections.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review