3/4" Master Meter FAM Cold Water Meter

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Master Meter 3/4" FAM Cold Water Meter with 3/4" connection set - 10 Gal. Pulse.

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Connection set included with this meter purchase.

  • 360° Angle installation Flexibility.
  • Fits Tight Inside Space Challenges.
  • Flushing or testing Plug Eliminates Need for Jumper Tubes.
  • Sustained Accuracy for Maximum Revenue Over Time.
  • Engineered for Efficient Flow Patterns with Minimal Head Loss.
  • 50% glass filled Nylon construction
  • Quiet Operation Ideal for Inside Residential Use.
  • Meets All Applicable AWWA Standards; Optional NSF-61 Certification.
  • Includes 3/4" Meter Connection (couplers) Set.
  • This meter is designed to be installed in indoor locations or locations protected from weather.   

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Manufactured By Master Meter. Ideal for residential applications, these accurate and quiet operating meters, fit challenging inside sets 97 under counters, between studs, along pipes run against walls. Regardless of pipe angle, our patented design ensures the measuring chamber can always be positioned horizontally for maximum performance and accuracy. Retrofit without costly re-plumbing and discover submetering is a practical reality in locations where installation costs were previously thought to be cost-prohibitive.

These meters are compatible with a Reading System (sold seperately)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review