AcquiSuite EMB - Embedded, Data Acquisition Server

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AcquiSuite DIN or Wall Mount

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Local and Remote meter monitoring and data logging 
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Similar to A8812 AcquiSuite. But No 8 pulse inputs. No telephone modem.

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The AcquiSuite EMB platform is based on an "open" architecture, allowing customers to capture energy data from a variety of meters and devices.
The device has the ability to work transparently or in conjunction with existing BAS or EMS systems. The focus on "plug & play" connectivity speeds up installation and lowers integration costs.
The AcquiSuite EMB collects data from connected (wired or wireless) devices based on user selected intervals. Data from downstream devices are time stamped and stored in non-volatile memory.
Using an integrated Ethernet (LAN) connection users can push or pull data via HTTP, XML, FTP or any custom protocol utilizing our AcquiSuite Module to build users custom application.

Features unique to AcquiSuite:
  • DIN rail mount.
  • UL and CE certified.
  • Modbus RTU and TCP compatible.
  • Compact size 4.13" x 3.39".
  • LAN connectivity (Static IP or DHCP).
  • Industrial temperature range -30 to 70C.
  • Supports HTTP, FTP, XML.
  • Compatible with the ModHopper wireless Modbus/Pulse transceiver.
  • Plug-and-play connectivity for supported devices.
  • Supports AcquiSuite Module development platform.
  • Can "push" data up to a remote server for data storage and viewing. Utilize the Building Manager Online service to view and downloaded data from a website.
The AcquiSuite EMB is compatible with nearly any front-end software platform allowing customers to use a variety of reporting tools whether it's an on-site server or an enterprise wide reporting suite.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review