23 point high density pulser module

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Connects to the AcquiSuite. Does not connect to the AcquiLite.

The High Density Pulse Module (A8911-23) is ideal for capturing pulse inputs, up to 23 devices. Our Modbus RTU output makes integration with the AcquiSuite, or ANY Modbus master simple, including the option for wireless communication if used with our ModHopper. This product includes many additional features including non-volatile memory, user selectable frequency, and status LED's. The A8911-23 is the most cost effective method of aggregating consumption data in a Modbus network.

Note: 12VDC Power Supply included with purchase. See +12VDC Power Supply

A8911-23 Datasheet
A8911-23 User Manual


(No reviews yet) Write a Review