MVP-10 Pulser for AL800 and AL1000 Meters

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MVP-10 Magnetic Volume Pulsing Index

Pulser for the AL800 and AL1000 gas meter. Provides pulses from American Meter Co. domestic gas meters 2 pulse per Cubic Foot 2 Form A Contact Closures For use with remote counter or data collection system

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The Miners & Pisani, Inc. MVP-10 Magnetic Volume Pulser is a magnetically actuated reed switch mounted in a polycarbonate housing for easy installation on commercial and industrial gas meters. Meter shaft rotation actuates the switch which can then be used to transmit the metered volume to a remote totalizer or indicator. Power: 10 Watts Voltage (maximum): 200VDC, Current: 0.5 amps.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review