Repeater, Indoor, w/Batt. Backup & Pwr Supply

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This sophisticated line-powered 900 MHz repeater receives, decodes, and re-transmits signals from Inovonics Wireless EchoStreamAE series transmitters. The EN5040 repeater transmits at a higher power than the transmitters so transmitter RF transmissions only need to reach the repeater to be broadcast throughout the entire network. The EN5040 acts as a 93range expander94 for any Inovonics Wireless EchoStream transmission that it 93hears94, allowing the Inovonics Wireless installation to scale from smaller commercial sites to large campuses with several buildings. It includes an on-board, state-of-the-art, lithium-ion battery for temporary battery backup in the event of a power outage. For applications that require protection for the EN5040 from environmental elements, it may be placed in an outdoor weatherproof enclosure.

Tapwatch Gateway Datasheet

EN5040 Repeater Datasheet

EN5040 Repeater Installation Manual


(No reviews yet) Write a Review