GridGear kWH Electric Meter, 120/208/240V, 3W, 200A - 2500A, Surface Mount

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200amp/400amp in stock. Other size CT's may be up to one week lead time.

This configuration kit includes 2 Solid Core or Split Core 200-2500 amp Current Transformers (CT's) 

GridGear’s GG is a flexible, low cost, revenue grade meter, for the residential, commercial, and institutional market. The meter is UL listed (E489079) and designed to provide accurate measurement and verification of electricity consumption. Ease of installation and configuration makes the GG an ideal choice for many submetering applications including, new construction, retrofit upgrades and up to 3 element load monitoring. The meter comes equipped with a display, isolated pulse output and adaptable register output for interfacing to 3rd party pulse counters, recorders, and AMR systems. GridGear supplies a line of UL approved solid and split core,revenue grade, current transformers that are calibrated with our line of meters to maximize system accuracy.

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GridGear GG meters are designed with the following features and intended applications:

200 amp and 400 amp Solid Core CT's are CA Approved

• Measurement and Verification
• Tenant cost allocation and billing
• Energy conservation and cost reduction
• Automatic Meter Reading
• Individually tested for 99.5% accuracy
• Self powered from voltage inputs
• Multi service configurations:
• 120V Line to Neutral Single Phase 2 Wire
• 120V Line to Neutral/240V Line to Line Single Phase 3 Wire
• 120V Line to Neutral/208V Line to Line 3 Phase 4 Wire Wye
• Employs revenue grade accuracy, 100mA secondary solid and split core current transformers (CT’s)
• Has an isolated pulse output for integration into 3rd party counters, recorders, and AMR systems.
Factory adjustable pulse weights from 4mWh/pulse to 1kWh/pulse.
• UL listed (E489079) as an open style meter for use with different enclosures.



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