Next Century Wireless System

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Product Overview

The NextCentury 5G Cellular Gateway introduces the next generation of superior wireless utility management. It includes simple plug-n-play setup and can facilitate the communication of thousands of wireless devices on a single property. This cloud-connected Gateway is easily and securely connected to the internet using ethernet, WiFi, or built-in 5G cellular.

Secure and reliable wireless communication is made possible with NextCentury Connect™. This wireless technology has been developed to ensure excellent signal integrity in even the most challenging wireless environments. Long-distance 900MHz radios and smart frequency hopping minimize interference, while a bi-direction encryption engine keeps data private and secure.

Setup, configuration, and usage data are managed on the NextCentury Cloud. This robust management solution connects you to a wide range of features for simple property setup and ongoing operation.

Usage and alert data from your NextCentury devices are securely stored on the GW4 Gateway and automatically kept in sync with the Cloud Platform. Integrated solid-state memory ensures the GW4 will continue to save usage and alerting data even during an interruption to the internet connection. Connection loss alerting ensures such issues are resolved quickly.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review