Next Century Wireless System

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Product Overview

Next Century is leading a new era of submetering technology that combines timeless pulse output meter reading with modern features, such as a Gateway with an 7" touch-screen display. Next Century uses entirely cloud based software to back-up and secure meter data, and allow for it to be accessed using their online portal. Their meter and transmitter is designed for seamless pairing and installation to allow for the cost-effective and high-performing system to be installed with ease. 

In addition to the features noted above, Next Century:

  • Uses 900mHz extended long distance radios to maximize wireless capabilities.
  • Transmitters mount directly to meters.
  • Has on-board tutorials for installation and maitenance.
  • Supervises battery life, and low battery alerts can be enabled.
  • Has built in leak detection capabilities.
  • Provides low battery or leak alerts via text message or email.
  • Uses cloud-based updates to ensure software is always up to date.


Next Century System Datasheet

Next Century Meter Datasheet



(No reviews yet) Write a Review