Tehama Remote Counter

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Tehama TW-105B-P Remote Counter
with visual display

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  • Single pulse, non MDT transceiver version.
  • LCD display shows consumption of the connected meter.
  • Fully configured for your meter prior to shipment.
  • May be programmed to convert gallons to CF, gas fixed pressure factors, etc.
  • Specialized enclosure with a standard sized wall plate back piece that mounts to a standard 1-gang electrical box for a professional looking installation
  • Typical 10 yr battery life with 2 user replaceable AA batteries.
  • Operates at -20°F to +145°F
  • NOT outdoor rated.  Must be protected from the elements if installed outdoors.  An outdoor weatherproof outlet cover may be used.
  • Solid State Unit.
  • NTEP certified, #16-013. California Weights and Measures accepts the NTEP approval.

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Note: If this is purchased as an option to a gas, electric or water meter it will be factory configured to match the register on the meter.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review