Tehama Wireless System

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The Tehama Wireless Solution
"You can't manage what you don't monitor'' is an adage that is well suited for submetering today.By
installing meters and our AMR system as part of a utility cost recovery program,the owner of a
multi-tenant property can measure each resident's consumption and fairly bill them for their actual

Do you need or anticipate Time-of-Use pricing for your electricity usage? With Time-of-Use
metering ability in our solution,you can use this feature today or "future proof" your properties
for when it will be needed and avoid unnecessary expenses.

The Tehama Wireless submetering solution consists of MDTs connected to each meter,radio
repeaters, the DCAP for collectingthe meter data, and CIT software to interface with the DCAP. The
radio is a two-way 900 MHz mesh network for robust connectivity.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review