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The Inovonics EN1501 TapWatch transmitter is designed for use with any pulse-output meter in an EchoStream TapWatch submetering system. TapWatch transmitters are compatible with virtually any gas, water, or electric meter with a pulsed output, including meters from AMCO, Badger, Master Meter, Invensys, ista North America, and many others. The included mounting options facilitate easy installation. 

The transmitter simply connected to a meter92s pulse or reed-switch output via a pair of wires. As the meter measures the amount of water, gas, or electricity used, the resulting pulses or switch closures are counted by the transmitter. It transmits data approximately once per hour to the Data Collector and Concentrator (DCC). The information in each transmission includes a unique identification number, meter pulse count, tamper status, and the state of the battery.

  • Compatible with virtually any meter with a pulsed output
  • Utilizes frequency hopping, spread spectrum radio technology
  • Fully supervised
  • 5-7 year user replaceable and available battery.
  • The EN1501-XL with a 10 year (non replacable) battery is available as special order.  


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EN1501 Transmitter Installation Manual


(No reviews yet) Write a Review