Cereniti Wireless System

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Product Overview

The Cereniti DataSense NetworkTM is a fixed network system that continuously collects data.

Whenever sub-metering information is received from a DataSense Transmitter, the DataSense Gateway communicates the transmission immediately to the DataSense control center software. Thus, the control center is always up to date on every site for which there is sub-metering (older sites that have not yet upgraded concentrators to Gateways are still supported via dial-up modem). Data is easily exported from the DataSense control center data base to billing systems - or for analysis of sub-metering consumption data in Excel or other software.

Cereniti’s DataSense Network can be scaled for any project of any size. The DataSense Network covers all of the utility meters that are to be measured and tracked by the sub-metering system no matter the size of the sub-metering site (for example apartment complexes, manufactured housing sites, gated communities, or even high-rise buildings). Repeaters are utilized to extend the coverage area, and to re-transmit the received data to the DataSense Gateway at the site.

The Gateway, in turn, sends the received sub-metering data via the network backhaul to the DataSense control center software. Gateways can utilize the site’s WiFi hotspot for this purpose, or can be configured with a cellular modem ( GPRS) or a LAN connection. Regardless of the type of Gateway installed, the received sub-metering data is immediately transported to the DataSense control center software for processing and archival.

Cereniti System Datasheet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review