Inovonics Tapwatch Wireless System

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Product Overview

The EN7580 provides the reliability of Inovonics submetering hardware with the anytime/anywhere access of the cloud. Using the TapWatch gateway, providers can directly access reads data for integration into billing software, or manually access reads data through the TapWatch application.

Note: The EN7580 also comes with the ACC611 power supply.

  • The updated TW3 software runs in all recent Windows operating systems and shows transmitter signal strength
  • The EN4000 TW3 Serial Receiver is also required
  • Logs data for up to 2000 individually managed meters 
  • Stores 90 days worth of meter reads per individual meter
  • Logs data for gas, water, electric, and run-time meters
  • Time stamps incoming data
  • LAN (RJ45) connection for direct PC connection

Tapwatch System Datasheet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review